Somniferum Poppy Mix

Somniferum Poppy Mix

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Papaver Somniferum What a variety! With this colorful mix of poppies you will have a lovely, cheerful display of flowers. As they self-seed, you can expect more to come up the following years. Varieties in this mix are: Allegro (Orange), Persian Blue (Purplish Blue), Hen & Chicks, Flemish Antique (Ruffled Pink), Tulip Poppy (Orange), Frosted Salmon (Ruffled Pink), White Cloud (Ruffled White), Pizzicato (Salmon to Red), Giganteum (Lilac to Purple), Persian White (Traditional White Poppy), Black Peony (Double Ruffled Maroon), Oase (Double Pink), Danish Flag (Pink with White Cross), Bombast Rose (Ruffled Pink), and Bombast Red (Huge Ruffled Red). This unique offering is a random mix of these varieties, no way of telling what percentage of each variety in each packet - half the fun is seeing what comes up! Expect very high germination rates these seeds. Growing instructions Start seed indoors 4-5 weeks before last frost in pots, or sow directly into the garden after danger of serious frost has passed, will germinate best when soil temp is cooler. Cover seeds with 1/4 inch of fine soil. 5 to 10 day germination time. Keep soil moderately moist during germination (not soggy). Transplant indoor started seedlings after hardening off and danger of serious frost has passed, or plant them in the fall. Space plants at least 6 inches apart. Hardiest in zones 5a-7a.

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