Silver Dust Dusty Miller

Silver Dust Dusty Miller

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Senecio cineraria

These seeds will produce amazing silver colored green foliage with a finely cut/divided leaflets. A wonderful plant for borders or as a wonderful center piece. The amazing beauty of Dusty Miller really stands out in your garden or container! Give this plant full sun and ordinary, well drained soil. They will tolerate lightly shaded areas too. Brightening the area with its silver glow! Silver dust grows wonderfully in containers. Sow seeds directly in the garden (after night temperatures warm to 50�F in cooler zones). After roots become established, water moderately every 7 to 10 days to avoid root rot. In zones 8-10, Dusty Miller can be grown as a biennial, and can be grown as an annual in zones 3-7. This wonderful plant is Native to Southern Europe, it is grown primarily for its attractive silver-gray foliage and most gardeners prefer to cut off the flowers to encourage leaf growth. It's deer resistant silvery foliage is also lovely in the moonlight. Plant in spring or summer height 6 to 15 inches Spacing: 9-12 in. (22-30 cm) Zones: 3-10 Do not cover seeds. They need light to germinate.

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