Schronce's Deep Black Peanut Seeds

Schronce's Deep Black Peanut Seeds

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Arachis hypogaea

When you receive your peanut seed package from Rainbow Seeds, you’ll notice that we ship them still in their shells. This is done to ensure seed protection and preservation. Before you plant your peanuts, the seeds (the nuts) will need to be removed from their shells.

Peanuts are a super fun and easy plant to grow for the whole family! Our kids just LOVE pulling all those nuts from the ground every fall! Peanuts are a great addition to a home garden since they require minimal care and provide bountiful yields. If you've never grown peanuts before, try these first. This heirloom variety grows well in
most soil types and is also early to harvest.

North Carolina gardener Gordon Schronce has been selecting this beautiful strain since 1980. Seedstock sent by his son Arty. A black peanut selected for larger seeds with darker (violet-black) skins than Carolina Black and 3-4 seeds/pod. Our favorite way to serve these is to fry up a mix of black and red peanuts in canola oil cook till golden and serve. Another great way to is southern style boiled peanuts.

Being a legume it fixes nitrogen into the soil from the air as it grows which makes it a great addition to any organic garden! Unlike other legumes that are harvested off the plants, Peanuts are the pods or roots that grow underground with the seeds inside them.

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