Purple Ruffles Basil

Purple Ruffles Basil

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Ocimum basilicum

Purple Ruffles Basil produces a plant with gorgeous large frilly ruffled, deep purple leaves, maroon stems, and spikes of bright fuchsia flowers. This basil variety has a wonderful fragrance and flavor slightly stronger than regular Sweet Basil but milder in flavor than Green Ruffles. Purple Ruffles makes a beautiful purple/red pesto! Besides having extraordinary flavor and fragrance, Purple Ruffles basil is also incredibly easy to grow. This culinary variety offers an ornamental benefit as well, with its fragrant, deep purple, ruffled leaves and light pink flowers. These pretty plants look wonderful tucked into unused corners of your garden, displayed mixed among vegetable plants. They also add great color contrast edged along a flower garden or grown in mixed containers and they look great in bouquets of colorful cut flowers. It is equally as pretty as ornamental coleus, but with purple ruffles basil you have the added benefit of its many culinary uses. Ted Torrey, developed the Purple Ruffles variety of basil. Purple Ruffles basil was first released in 1984. This attractive basil variety has won multiple awards for its beauty, flavor and ease of cultivation, including the Mississippi Medallion and All American Selection(AAS) awards. Mississippi Medallion actually chose Purple Ruffles basil as the first herb to win the Mississippi Medallion Award. Because this is a cross there will be a very small percentage of purple/green variegated leaves. Approximately 5% of the plants have purple-green leaf variegation.

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