Pole Bean Rainbow Mix

Pole Bean Rainbow Mix

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Phaseolus vulgaris

In this Beautiful blend we combine a variety of open-pollinated green, yellow, purple and striped varieties into one packet of seeds that will mature throughout the season at different times (eat fresh beans throughout the season or wait until fall and harvest all at once for dry beans)! This is a great blend for those people who wish to try a big variety of beans but only have room for one or two poles! This multi-colored variety pack will vary yearly depending on what we have available. A real RAINBOW treat!

These beans should be sown in well draining soil at a depth of 1 - 2 inches deep and about 10-15 inches apart. Water enough to keep soil damp, but do not over saturate. We Suggest letting your bean climb up sunflower stalks(give the sunflowers a 2-3 week head start) They also do great growing along a long sturdy fence. Frequent clean picking of your bean plants will keep your vines vigorous and productive. Pick and compost any beans hanging low that got missed. If you leave any beans on the vine your plants will stop producing, satisfied that they've fulfilled their reproductive mission.

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