Partial Shade Wildflower Mix

Partial Shade Wildflower Mix

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This great mix contains the following flowers:
Dwarf Coneflower (Annual, Blue, 12-18" tall)
Siberian Wallflower (Biennial, Orange, 24" tall)
Ox-Eye Daisy (Perennial, White/Yellow, 24-36")
Rocket Larkspur (Biennial, Blue, 36-48" tall)
Lance-Leaf Coreopsis (Perennial, Yellow, 36" tall)
Sweet William (Biennial, Pink White, 18" tall)
Foxglove (Biennial, Purple, 24-36" tall)
Annual Baby's Breath (Annual, White, 12-18" tall)
Dame's Rocket (Biennial, Purple, 24-36" tall)
Baby Snapdragon (Annual, Mixed, 18-24" tall)
Corn Poppy (Annual, Red, 24-36" tall)
Black Eyed Susan (Biennial, Yellow/Brown, 18-24" tall)
Johnny-Jump-Up (Perennial, Purple, 12" tall)

It is a truly stunning mix of seeds, sure to impress passersby! Our photo's of this mix are just a small sample of the variety that is in this mix. EACH 1 gram of these seeds will cover about 10-20 square feet with these beautiful wildflowers. Like many flowers, this mix will do well in full sun, but it will perform best in part shade (minimum of 4 hours of sun per day). Total shade will result in few blooms. This mix can be planted on moderate slopes, but care should be taken for the first four weeks after planting to protect the site from soil and seed washout. At maturity this mix will grow to a height of 2-3', depending on soil and weather conditions. Different species not only flower at different times but at different heights also, giving a pleasing colorful effect.

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