Organic Plum Purple Radish

Organic Plum Purple Radish

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Raphanus sativus This super sweet and super tasty variety of radish is BY FAR my very favorite radish that exists today! It has Unique deep purple round roots. Firm white flesh, sweet and mild all season, hardy and adaptable, never pithy. Exceptional variety for the novelty market and also for the home gardener. Only 25-30 days after you plant until you can eat these great radishes! Soil conditions for radish are simple; a very well-dug soil to a depth of 15cm (6in) with no stones or fresh compost in it. At the time of digging, add two handfuls of bonemeal per square metre (yard) and work it into the topsoil. The soil preparation should ideally be complete a month before sowing, but it makes very little difference if it is done at sowing time. Sow small amounts of radish seed but often to ensure a continuous supply rather than a glut at one time - radishes do not keep well in the soil once they are mature.

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