Organic Giant Musselburg Leek

Organic Giant Musselburg Leek

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Allium porrum

This vegetable is not as well known as its close relative, the onion, but chefs and gardeners alike appreciate the leek for its more subtle flavor. Start leeks indoors 2-3 months before the last frost of spring, sowing them 1/4" deep in a flat. Keep the temperature 60-70 degrees F. When they reach a height of 2", transplant the seedlings to separate pots. Transplant them to the garden in rich soil and full sun, about a week after the last spring frost; the plants will be 6-12" tall. Dig holes 1-2' apart and deep enough so that the plant only emerges several inches from the soil; water the seedlings and fill the hole with loose dirt. For companion planting benefits, plant leeks with celery, onions, or carrots. Also known as Giant Musselburgh or Scotch Flag. Biennial. 105 days. 12-18" height. 12-24" spacing. Produces white leeks 9-15" long with a diameter of 2-3".

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