Organic English Lavender Vera

Organic English Lavender Vera

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Lavandula vera

Also called English Lavender, this beautiful herb plant has been said to treat nervousness heart palpitations, fainting and dizziness. This hardy perennial is also great for cutting or drying. The light lilac to purple flowers are a classic addition to any flower bed. This heirloom variety blooms from mid to late summer, and is fast growing and fast blooming. This fragrant plant is one of natures multi-taskers - from its use in medicine and the kitchen, to it's aromatherapy and bouquet uses. Essential oil of lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It was used in hospitals during WWI to disinfect floors and walls. These extracts are also popularly used as fragrances for bath products. An infusion of lavender is claimed to soothe and heal insect bites. Bunches of lavender are also said to ward off insects. If applied to the temples, lavender oil is said to soothe headaches. Lavender is frequently used as an aid to sleep and relaxation: Seeds and flowers of the plant are added to pillows, and an infusion of three flowerheads added to a cup of boiling water are recommended as a soothing and relaxing bedtime drink. Lavender oil (or extract of Lavender) is claimed to heal acne when used diluted 1:10 with water, rosewater, or witch hazel; it is also used in the treatment of skin burns and inflammatory conditions. (Quoted from Wikipedia)

Likes full sun, and grows to 3 feet tall. Water as needed; easy to grow. Best if sheared back about one-third immediately following the bloom period, and pruning the next year. Compact plants require little space for all of the bloom and fragrance they are known for. Seeds may be planted any time from early spring to late summer, or started inside before the last spring frost. Growing instructions Start seed indoors 2-3 weeks before last frost in pots, or sow directly into the garden after danger of serious frost has passed. Cover seeds with 1/4 inch of fine soil. 10 to 21 day germination time. Keep soil moderately moist during germination (not soggy). Transplant indoor started seedlings after hardening off and danger of serious frost has passed. Space plants 1-2 feet apart. Zones 5-11.

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