Organic Dill

Organic Dill

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Anethum graveolens Dill is a fantastic herb to include in your garden. It is great in sauces and dips, and is the cornerstone of canning. Buy our "Straight 8" cucumbers and make your own homemade Dill Pickles. Successful cultivation requires warm to hot summers with high sunshine levels; even partial shade will reduce the yield substantially. It also prefers rich, well drained soil. The seeds are viable for 3-10 years. Plants intended for seed for further planting should not be grown near fennel, as the two species can hybridise. The seed is harvested by cutting the flower heads off the stalks when the seed is beginning to ripen. The seed heads are placed upside down in a paper bag and left in a warm dry place for a week. The seeds then separate from the stems easily for storage in an airtight container.

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