Organic Czech Black Hot Pepper

Organic Czech Black Hot Pepper

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Capsicum annuum

This Czechoslovakian open-pollinated heirloom pepper is so striking that you may want to keep a bowl on your table just to admire its beauty! A rare culinary hot pepper that combines all of the qualities of earliness, adaptability, flavor, and color into the perfect pepper! The 2.5" - 3" long conical, jalapeno shaped peppers start off nearly jet black and ripens to a dark green color before it ends up fully mature with a lustrous garnet red color. They are great eating quality in all color stages. Mildly spicy, juicy, almost "fruity" sweet flesh runs with a cherry red juice when cut. When dried, these unique peppers turn a stunning maroon color. The extremely productive Czech Black Pepper bushes bear very early, setting huge quantities of pointed thick-walled peppers per plant. These are usually the first peppers to ripen in my garden, ripening much earlier than jalapenos. The plant is actually slightly fuzzy on the stems, leaves and flowers. The green stems and leaves are streaked with purple veins and the beautiful large purple flowers attract many beneficial insects to your garden. It is an all around superior Heirloom Pepper and definately one of our favorite hot peppers to grow and eat! Perfect for home gardens, specialty markets and gourmet chefs. MOFGA-certified organic seed.

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