Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds

Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds

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Citrullus Lanatulus

This a package of 15+ Organic Watermelon Seeds! This is an easy to grow plant that produces succulent sweet 15 - 30 pound melons. They have dark red flesh and great flavor. Try some in your garden this spring!

Growing Instructions: Watermelons can be planted after all danger of frost has passed, and the soil has warmed to 65 - 70 degrees. Plant 5 to 6 seeds in moist hills 1" deep, spacing the hills 36" apart. Thin seedlings down to 2 or 3 of the most vigorous growers when the Watermelon seedlings are several inches tall. Avoid watering if possible to prevent the seed from rotting. After germination water frequently allowing the surface soil to dry betweens waterings. Mulch plants to conserve moisture and help keep the watermelons clean. As the melons begin to ripen, cut back on watering a bit. Allow 85 days to harvest.

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