Organic Aunt Molly Ground Cherry

Organic Aunt Molly Ground Cherry

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Physalis Pruinosa

This plant is in the nightshade family, native to warm temperate and subtropical regions throughout the world. It produces small orange fruit similar in size, shape and structure to a small tomato, but partly or fully enclosed in a large papery husk. These plants grow in most soil types and do very well in poor soils and in pots. They need lots of water, except when fruiting. Plant 3-6 weeks before last frost, or transplant when 4" tall. Full sun, 70 - 90 days to harvest, 2-6 feet tall. Its uses are similar to the common tomato or to fruits with a refreshing taste. Once extracted from its husk, it may be eaten raw or used in salads, desserts, as a flavoring, and in jams and jellies. They can also be dried and eaten much like figs, apricots or grapes.

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