Lamb's Ear Seeds

Lamb's Ear Seeds

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Stachys lanata

Lamb's Ear is a beautiful ornamental and medicinal plant that brings a lovely presence to your garden or yard. The thickish gray leaves are covered in a soft fluff that attractive and useful. In the past, the leaves were used to bandage wounds in the field and has been used as "boyscout toilet paper." The extract of this plant has been shown to be antimicrobial against Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Lamb's Ear flowers in late spring and early summer, plants produce tall spike-like stems with a few reduced leaves. The flowers are small and either white or pink. The plants tend to be evergreen but can "die" back during cold winters and regenerate new growth from the crowns. In warmer climates they may grow year-round, but suffer where it's hot and humid. They are easy to grow, preferring partial shade to full sunlight and well-drained soils not rich in nitrogen. They grow to 18-24" tall and are perennials in zones 4-9.

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