Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

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Brassica Oleracea

These heirloom seeds will grow nice, uniquely shaped 2-3 pound cabbages. This variety is very flavorful and is considered by many to be the most delicious cabbage! Buying heirloom seeds is VERY important. With these heirloom seeds you can collect seeds from your plants to grow year after year! Visit our store for many other varieties of heirloom and organic seeds! Start indoors or in greenhouse in early spring, or plant directly outdoors in mid-spring. Cover seeds with 1/8 inch fine soil. Transplant seedlings indoors after first pair of true leaves have developed. Space them 4 inches apart or pot them individually in 2 inch pots. Once plants are established, harden off and transplant outdoors after danger of severe frost has passed in mid-spring. Space rows 2 to 3 feet apart depending on space available. Space plants 18 to 24 inches apart in the rows. Indoors in 70 F temperatures, seeds take about 10 days to germinate. Approximately 70 days to maturity.

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