Common German Chamomile Seeds
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Common German Chamomile Seeds

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Matricaria recutita

German Chamomile is primarily used as an herbal sleep aid or anxiety reducer, taken in tea form. It has a mild, sweet aroma and flavor and brings on a mild sedating effect. Additionally, the plant has anti-inflammatory, and bactericidal properties.

The plants grow to about 12" tall and produce small white flowers similar to daisies in appearance.

Start the seeds indoors in a flat 2-3 weeks before the last spring frost date, and transplant them after the last frost. This herb prefers full sun or partial shade in sandy or well drained soil. For direct sowing, plant the seeds 1/4" deep in rows 18" apart, thinning to 6-8" apart as soon as the seedlings appear. Germination should take place within 1-2 weeks. 60 days to maturity. Zone 4-9. 6-12" height. 6-8" spacing.

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