Broadleaf Garden Sorrel

Broadleaf Garden Sorrel

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Rumex acetosa

Broad Leaf Sorrel is one of nature's most special greens. This vigorous perennial plant provides a bountiful harvest of delicious, lemony, dark-green leaves from early spring up until the frost of winter! Sorrel is one of the earliest green crops to emerge in the spring and is incredibly easy to grow. Sorrel has a growth habit similar to spinach. The leaf texture of garden sorrel is light and airy, but the citrus flavor is wonderfully intense. Garden Sorrel can be cooked like a vegetable, while it has a distinctive lemony flavor like an herb. This variety of sorrel is great for microgreens. Sorrel microgreens make an excellent topping for salads and soups. Harvest the baby leaves for a great lettuce substitute for salads and sandwiches. The crisp leaves are delicious fresh, but these greens are also delicious when cooked. It pairs wonderfully with a variety of meats (especially fish), eggs and a variety of veggie dishes, and goes great in soups or gratin potatoes! Garden Sorrel has many proven health benefits including being a fever reducer, great for generalized inflammation, and it has been used in prevention of scurvy. This super healthy plant provides a great source of minerals and vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. Sow the seeds densely on the surface of your prepared garden beds, and begin harvesting when the first true leaves appear.

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