Big Max Pumpkin

Big Max Pumpkin

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Cucurbita Maxima These are high quality untreated seeds! Grow pumpkins bigger than your children! The picture is actually a smaller early specimen that the boy is on. Huge pumpkins can grow well over 100 lbs! Specimens as large as 300 pounds have been grown according to wikipedia!! Our Beautiful Big Max Pumpkin is an extremely easy to grow variety with wonderful flavor! It is a great pumpkin for pies! It is often grown for county fairs and its a great pumpkin for halloween! Make GIANT Jack-O-Lanterns! Even a first time gardener is sure to have success their first time growing these. You will get LOADS of HUGE 50-300 pound pumpkins or bigger! These massive pumpkins will grow up to 6 FEET in diameter!! You could potentially get thousands of pounds of pumpkin from just one pack of these seeds! A great deal for just $2.50! What is Open-Pollinated? "Open Pollinated" is a horticultural term that means the plant will produce seeds naturally. When you plant your seeds they will reliably reproduce the exact same plant as the parent. On the other hand, hybrid seed is the result of controlled pollination of inbred plants. Seeds that you collect from Hybrid plants are often sterile, and if they do germinate, will not reliably produce the same plant as the parent. This means that you the farmer has a permanent reliance on the seed companies. Open pollinated seed saving is the oldest of the three methods, in all likelihood predating agriculture itself. All heirloom seeds are open pollinated. Plants your seeds in a warm and sunny location with well drained fertile soil. You can plant your seeds directly into the ground as soon as the threat of frost has passed. Sow 1 inch deep in mounds of 3 plants per mound in rows about 5-6 feet apart apart. 120 days

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