925 Sterling Silver Laser Wire 32 Gauge

925 Sterling Silver Laser Wire 32 Gauge

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Laser Wire

This ultra-thin wire is purpose made to use with your laser welder, but it's usefulness doesn't end there. Braid it for a textured effect, lay out ornamental patterns on top of sheet, or weave it into a precious metal fabric. The possibilities are as boundless as your creativity!

.925 Sterling Silver

Nothing says enduring beauty like Sterling. The timeless shine of silver, with increased durability of an alloy. Our Sterling is alloyed with copper, rather than cheaper nickel or tin, preventing the nasty rashes some people get from those metals. Make your jewelry shine through the ages with Sterling!

100% Recycled
Previously, wearing precious metal jewelry presented a troubling problem to their owners. The business behind the mining, refining and sale of these metals is an odious one indeed. Environmentally careless mining practices, relentless exploitation of laborers, and financial support for warlords are the chief detriments of the mining industry. It's easy to see the moral dilemma for jewelry wearers: is your bling leaving a wake of tragedy?

Increasingly, people are making the choice to purchase only 100% recycled metals, the ethical choice for artists and patrons alike. So that the beauty of your jewelry does not have to come with the hidden cost of human misery.

Shine on with a clean conscience!

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